Emergency Procedures

For Life Threatening Emergencies Dial 911

Give the following information: 

  • Location of emergency: Address (Building), floor, and room number
  • Phone number you are calling from 
  • Your Name
  • Nature of emergency: car accident with or without injury, fire, medical emergency, etc. 

Do not hang up until told to do so. Additional information may be needed. 

If you are unsure about the seriousness of the situation, do not hesitate to call for emergency assistance. 

If you accidentally dial 911 stay on the line and tell the call taker it was an accident, they need to verify there is not an emergency. 


Remember: Safety & security is everyone’s responsibility.

If You ‘See Something, Say Something'

NDSU Police: 701-231-8998

Text-a-Tip: 701-526-6006

Safety Office: 701-231-7759


Personal Safety

Take more control of your personal safety with these 24/7 tools.

    • NDSU Police or public safety offers will escort you to NDSU facilities or locations adjacent to campus. Just call 231-8998.
    • This service includes a smartphone app that allows NDSU Police to track you remotely when you initiate a safety assist. You set your destination and approximate travel time in the app, and dispatchers will respond quickly if you don’t arrive within the timeframe you designated or you activate a silent alarm with the swipe of a finger. More information here and how to download the app. 
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