In the event of an evacuation, building occupants should take the following actions:

If necessary or if directed to do so by a designated emergency official, activate the building alarm and call 911.

  • Leave the building immediately when signaled by fire alarm, instructions from emergency personnel, or CENS alerts.
  • Do not use elevators. Use stairwells – stay to the right and use handrails.
  • Stay calm and exit the building quickly and proceed in an orderly manner to the designated emergency assembly point. Do not leave the area.
  • Do not take any noncritical items while evacuating.
  • Do not re-enter an evacuated building until instructed to do so by an official or selected monitor.
  • If possible, assist individual with disabilities.
  • If unable to directly assist a person with disabilities, ask the individual to wait at the nearest exit for assistance from official emergency personnel.
  • If you are trapped in a room, place a wet cloth around and under the door to prevent smoke/other hazards from entering.
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