How to Use the App

  1. Open the app
  2. Select the approximate number of minutes you think it will take you to reach your destination
  3. Enter your destination. On campus you can use common building names such as Old Main or Dinan Hall
  4. Click "Follow Me Now"
  5. When you arrive at your destination, click "I have arrived safely."

If you need assistance at any time during your walk, slide a finger over “SLIDE FOR HELP” or touch the telephone number 701-231-8998.

App Use Examples

Here’s a scenario to help describe how NDSU Personal Safety and Security Assist works: 

Jane finishes studying in the Quentin Burdick Building at 1 a.m. and plans to walk home. She opens the NDSU Personal Safety and Security Assist application on her iPhone, selects 10 minutes for her trip, and types in/selects “Dinan.” She keeps her phone in hand to use the silent alarm by sliding the “SLIDE FOR HELP” button if needed.

Variation 1

Along the way Jane sees a friend at the Union and they start talking. Nine minutes into the trip her iPhone vibrates to indicate there is only one minute left. She can either extend the time within the app or, if she decides to stay at the Union, press the “I have arrived safely” button. If she does nothing, Jane will receive a second notice when 30 seconds remain.

If Jane does nothing on the app after receiving the second notice and starts walking again, her time expires before she reaches Dinan Hall.  The NDSU 24/7 Police Communications Call Center receives an alarm because she hasn’t pressed the “I have arrived safely” button within the time she selected. The dispatcher sees her current smartphone location on a computer display map, the path she has traveled and that her icon is in an alarm condition. The dispatcher clicks on the icon to see important details (name, cell phone number, etc.) and immediately initiates action to respond. Once the police officer determines she is safe, the alarm at the Communications Call Center ends.

Variation 2

In this variation, Jane does not stop at the Union. Instead, she walks straight from the Quentin Burdick Building to Dinan Hall. She presses the “I have arrived safely” button when she gets there. If she forgets, her phone signals her before the time expires, allowing her to press the "I have arrived safely" button prior to the allotted travel time expiring.


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