A Framework of Well-being

The Okanagan Charter serves as a guide for the President’s Council for Campus Well-Being and outlines two Calls to Action:

  1. To embed health into all aspects of campus culture, across the administration, operations and academic mandates;
  2. To lead health promotion action and collaboration locally and globally

From the Charter, PCCW strives to address these areas of action by:

  • Advancing Campus Well-being Data and Knowledge - Contribute to health promoting knowledge production, application, standard setting and evaluation that informs actionand supports the cultural and environmental development of campus well-being.
  • Generating a Thriving Campus Community - Be proactive and intentional in creating empowered, connected and resilient campus communities that foster an ethic of care, compassion, collaboration and community action.
  • Embedding Well-being in all Campus Policies and Processes - Review, create and coordinate campus policies and practices with attention to health, well-being and sustainability, so that all planning and decision-making takes account of and supports our campus community.
  • Creating Supportive Campus Environments - Enhance the campus environment by identifying opportunities to support health and well-being through sustainability in the built, natural, social, economic, cultural, academic, organizational and learning environments.
  • Supporting Personal Development - Develop and create opportunities to build student, staff and faculty resilience, competence, personal capacity and life enhancing skills--and support them to thrive and achieve their full potential and become engaged local and global citizens while respecting the environment.
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