NDSU Walk to Well-being

The President’s Council for Campus Well-being is encouraging faculty and staff to participate in the NDSU Walk to Well-being beginning Monday, April 18 through Friday, April 22. During your work days, find some times that best fit your schedule to get out and walk.

We are also hosting walking groups that will meet at the northwest corner of the new Sugihara Hall at 11:30, noon and 12:30 on Wednesday, April 20. Groups will walk a one-mile loop around part of campus.

Track your time walked throughout the week, how you feel during the day, and if you felt more or less productive. Then you will fill out the survey at the end of the week. Each day completed counts as one entry to win an NDSU water bottle provided by University Relations or a visitor’s pass to the Wallman Wellness Center and a bonus entry if you upload an image of where you walked, your walking buddy or your team during a walking meeting!
*The Wallman Wellness Center offers outdoor routes on their website in mile increments. Follow this link to explore campus!

Need more convincing? Here are some more ideas and reasons…

  • Sitting for too long increases your risk of chronic and metabolic health problems, it can weaken your muscles and joints, and it can even impact your mental health.
  • Physical wellness has a large impact on a person’s overall well-being.
  • Create a calendar invitation to remind yourself to get up and walk around.
  • Switch one of your meetings each day to a walking meeting.
  • Reach out to someone you haven’t connected with in a while, and see if they want to walk together.

The PCCW has found that well-being links to academic success, lifelong health, happiness and personal success. Physical health and community are core components of well-being. So, let’s all prioritize our time to walk and socialize during the NDSU Walk to Well-being starting Monday, April 18.


Step into Well-being

The Campus Well-being Educators (CWEs), a Peer Education group who works closely with the PCCW's Personal Development work group, are hosting a social media step challenge for students. 


  • Follow @NDSU_SHS on Instagram and/or Facebook.
  • Get 8,000 steps in a single day between April 4th & 8th.
  • Only one entry per day and up to five entries total.
  • Tag us on Instagram or Facebook stories or send a photo of you completing your steps to be entered.
  • When you tag us on April 6th, National Walking Day, you get TWO entries!

We will draw two winners (movie tickets) and announce on April 11th!

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