Community Engagement

This work group includes work of the previous Welcome to NDSU, Maximizing Communications, and Student Engagement Work Groups to now focus on broader engagement and social connection of the entire NDSU community.

Work Group Members

Brynn Rawlings Media Relations Coordinator / University Relations
Dorreen Kramer Director of Customer Account Services / Customer Account Services
Emily Frazier Associate Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities / Student Affairs
Greg Cramer Student Representative / Bison Ambassadors
Jill Nelson Professor & Associate Dean / Leadership & Professional Development / Human Development & Education
Jobey Lichtblau Director / Wellness Center
Joel Hanson Director of Student Support Center / Engineering
Katie Tarter Director / Dining Services
Kristi Steinmann Communications & Strategic Partnership Lead / Information Technology
Kylee Arndt Student Representative / Student Government - Vice President
Matthew Friedmann Student Representative / Student Government - Student Body President
Sue Quamme 4-H Youth Development, Leadership, and Civic Engagement / Extension Specialist
Angela Fowler Academic Personnel Coordinator / Office of the Provost
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