Some use the certificate for continuing education credits or a career ladder opportunity. A graduate certificate can also be used to supplement a master's degree in another field.


Course List
Code Title Credits
Required Courses
HDFS 721 Contemporary Perspectives on Adult Development and Aging 3
HDFS 723 Foundations in Integrative Aging Studies 3
Elective Courses- Select 2 6
HNES 652 Physical Health, Wellness, Nutrition and Active Aging
ADHM 705 Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Environments for Aging
HDFS 722 Applied Research Methods and Evaluation of Aging Programs
HDFS 725 Socioemotional and Cognitive Well-being throughout Adulthood
HDFS 726 Family Relationships and Aging
HDFS 760 Aging Policy and Advocacy
HDFS 761 Implementation of Community Programs for Older Adults
HDFS 790 Graduate Seminar (*)
Total Credits 12