The Major

The data science degree program is designed to equip students with advanced skills for success in today's data-driven world. This strategic program seamlessly blends statistics, computer science, and business, providing a deep understanding of data analysis, predictive modeling, and machine learning techniques while establishing a robust foundation in statistical methodologies and computational proficiency.

Students will learn how to navigate data collection, interpretation, and cleaning intricacies, simultaneously mastering programming languages and tools crucial for efficient data manipulation and analysis. Through a specialized focus on statistics, students gain expertise to extract valuable insights from complex datasets, making informed data-driven decisions, and expertly communicate findings to diverse audiences.

The Certificate

The Data Science certificate draws from the set of courses that are specific to the Data Science track of the B.S. in Computer Science degree. It can be of interest to professionals with computer science degrees who wish to expand their expertise in the area of data science. It is also targeted at current students who complete a different Computer Science track or another major program and wish to cover more than one specialization.