Current Open Positions

Vice President for Research and Creative Activity


Search Committee Chair: Michael Kessler, Dean of the College of Engineering
Search Committee Members:

  • Ben Balas, College of Science and Math
  • Jim Deal, College of Human Development and Education
  • Fariz Huseynov, College of Business
  • Greg Lardy, College of Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources
  • Malini Srivastava, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Kristine Steffen, College of Health Professions
  • Jolynne Tschetter, Research and Creative Activity Staff
  • Canan Bilen-Green, Ex-officio

Position Description and How to Apply


Dean of Science and Mathematics

Search Committee Chair: Ken Grafton, Vice President of Agricultural Affairs and Dean of the College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources
Search Committee Members:

  • John Buncher, Assistant Professor of Practice, Department of Physics
  • Liz Cambron, Graduate Student
  • Chris Colbert, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
  • Kirsten Diederich, Community Representative
  • Benton Duncan, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics
  • Dominic Fettig, Student Government
  • Diane Goede, Assistant to the Dean, Office of the Dean
  • Kendra Greenlee, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Gang Shen, Associate Professor, Department of Statistics
  • Lydia Tackett, Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences
  • Laura Thomas, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
  • Andriy Voronov, Associate Professor, Department of Coatings and Polymeric Materials
  • Gursimran Walia, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
  • Canan Bilen-Green, Vice Provost for Faculty and Equity, Ex-Officio

Status: Search suspended.