Faculty Research Development Award

Deadline for nominations this academic year is September 1, 2016:
      September 15:
  Faculty application to Department Chair
      October 15:  Department Chair recommendation to the Dean
      November 1:  Dean recommendation to the Provost

The Faculty Research Development Award [henceforth referred to as Award] will provide faculty opportunities to enhance their research, scholarly and/or creative activities beyond that possible within the confines of the standard faculty appointment at NDSU. The Award is provided to allow faculty to devote time completely to activities that further their research, scholarly and/or creative activity growth for a specified period of time. This is a competitive award granted by NDSU and is not an automatic guarantee.  The Award does not replace Policy 132.

Please see the following documents for more information and how to apply for this Award.

Faculty Research Development Award Procedures

Faculty Research Development Cover Sheet


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