Summer Institute on Scientific Teaching

The Summer Institute provides the opportunity for a team of faculty to “work in collaborative, multi-institutional teams to increase their understanding of evidence-based, inclusive teaching approaches and to develop new curricular materials that implement those approaches.”

For more information, see this document and this website.  I’ve uploaded a copy of the final application form in case you find it useful.

A team consists of 2-3 faculty members or instructional staff and one post-doc.

Because we can send only one team, we will accept internal applications until April 14th. Final applications are due to the institute by May 1st. To apply, send an email to and include the following information:

  • Names and positions (e.g., assistant professor of biology) of team members
  • A short description of how the team meets the qualifications (see below)
  • An answer to the following question in no more than 400 words: How will your participation in the Summer Institute benefit your students?

Although every team member will have to submit an application individually to the institute, all team members can submit one email for the internal process.

Requirements for teams are:

  • Team must have 2 – 3 members, with at least one junior and one senior member
  • Preferred qualification: one member is in a leadership role (director, department chair, associate or assistant department chair)
  • Team may include one post doctoral fellow
  • Team members must be scheduled to teach undergraduates and must have previously been involved in some faculty development on undergraduate science education


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