NDSU Academic Program Prioritization Assessment with Huron Consulting Group

As North Dakota State University emerges from the difficulties of 2020, we continue to assess our capacity to leverage opportunities and address the challenges that lie ahead. To ensure NDSU’s academic offerings are well positioned for this future, our campus is undertaking an effort to better understand these opportunities and challenges as we continue to build excellence in our service to students, faculty, staff, and the state. As such, we have partnered with Huron Consulting Group to conduct a comprehensive Academic Program Prioritization Assessment. Over the next several months, Huron will work closely with NDSU to assess our current program portfolio, market position, and opportunities for growth. The goal of this effort is to develop impactful recommendations in support of key strategic initiatives.

Huron has worked closely with institutions of higher education for nearly 20 years, helping more than 500 institutions on a wide array of strategic and operational objectives. We believe their experience and perspective will provide us with key insights as we plan for the future. We expect the tools developed form this effort will enhance our ability to make data-informed decisions as we continue planning for the future.

As the project progresses, we will keep the NDSU community informed of these efforts throughout the semester. We eagerly anticipate the outcomes of this assessment and offer sincere appreciation to the many members of our community contributing the time, effort, and expertise necessary to be successful. Should you have any further questions about this effort, we welcome you to contact the Office of the Provost at ndsu.provost@ndsu.edu.

Weekly Status Updates:

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