Elim Rehab and Care Center is in need of several volunteers to provide companionship for residents in their Memory Care unit. Elim Rehab and Care Center has a specialized care unit called Cherished Lane for elders and other residents who have Alzheimer’s disease and other related disorders. Since many of these residents benefit from one-to-one attention, Elim Rehab is always grateful for volunteers that can spend time with them, especially during the evening hours.

Student volunteers would also derive great benefits from this educational option:

  1. Opportunity to interact and observe individuals who are exhibiting various aspects of the disease process, adding depth and experience to the textbook knowledge;
  2. Opportunity to develop and expand their skills in appropriately managing the behaviors of residents with these diseases or disorders.
  3. Opportunities for internships for those that would be interested in pursuing a more in-depth interaction.

To enhance the experience for everyone involved-residents, students and Elim staff-they ask that students make a commitment for an entire semester. Their needs would include having only one or two students volunteer during an evening, who would stay for a two-hour period.

Elim Rehab and Care Center would be happy to provide students with a tour. Their care center is located at 3534 University Drive South in Fargo. Please email Diane Lansing, RN for further questions at dlansing@elimcare.org.

Also, check out Elim Rehab and Care Center at http://www.elimcare.org/ehf.htm

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