Christina Nelson, MPH

Contract Tracer
Fargo Cass Public Health
Fargo, ND


I am from Shoreview, MN. I completed my undergraduate degree (Major: Zoology, Chemistry minor) and graduate degree at NDSU. 

NDSU Specialization 

Management of Infectious Diseases 

How did the NDSU MPH prepare you for the workforce? 

Through the NDSU MPH program I have made connections with many people and have had more opportunities because of the relationships I've built (through internships, Student Public Health Association (PHA)). I have become more effective at communicating through my writing and speaking, in addition to becoming more knowledgeable about public health and infectious diseases. The NDSU MPH program laid the foundation for my future career; I still have so much to learn, but I feel confident in my knowledge and skills entering the workforce as a new graduate. 

Current position 

I am currently working at Fargo Cass Public Health as a contact tracer for COVID-19. 

How are you impacting the health of your region? 

As a contact tracer for COVID-19 I am working on preventing the spread of COVID-19 within the Fargo community by educating positive cases on isolating, identifying close contacts of positive cases, and educating close contacts on quarantining. When people understand why they are being asked to isolate/quarantine they tend to be more agreeable. Hopefully by quickly identifying cases and their contacts we can prevent further community spread of COVID-19 and protect individuals who are at the highest risk for a negative outcome.

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