Kristen Jones, MPH

RN Clinical Risk Analyst in Risk Management
Fargo, ND


Originally from Minot ND, but have lived in Fargo since 2006. I have two Bachelor’s degrees (Community Health Education and Nursing) one from NDSU and one from UND, and I work as an RN at Sanford in Fargo.  

What did you specialize in at NDSU? 

Health Promotion 

How did the NDSU MPH prepare you for the workforce? 

I learned so much about the social determinants of health and that health is interconnected with wealth, politics, and a person's environment. This program helped me prepare for working in the public health field by exposing me to why we need to work at a system level and how that can impact population health. I know that engaging stakeholders is one of the key elements to working in communities and partnering with local members is how to make change happen. 

Current position  

RN Clinical Risk Analyst in Risk Management 

How are you impacting the health of your region? 

My work involves patient safety at all levels of my organization in Fargo ND. I work for a large hospital system that has thousands of patients, so ensuring that we are not harming them when they come into the healthcare system is incredibly important.

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