Natasha Petry, PharmD, MPH

Associate Professor
Fargo, ND


I was born and raised in Fargo, ND. I received Bachelor of Science degrees in Microbiology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, and a Pharmacy Doctorate all from NDSU. Now I can add MPH to that list. I completed a pharmacy practice residency at Trinity Health in Minot, ND. Some previous work experience includes: NDSU, Aldevron, Bismarck State College, Sanford Health, Family Healthcare Pharmacy, and Edge Fitness. Interesting fact: I completed my MPH as a faculty member at NDSU. 

NDSU Specialization 

Community Health Sciences 

How did the NDSU MPH prepare you for the workforce? 

I plan to continue in my current job, but the MPH from NDSU will hopefully help me do my current job better by informing students, patients, and co-workers about principles I learned through the program. It sounds cliché, but after taking certain classes in the curriculum, I looked at the world a bit differently. 

Current position 

Associate Professor of Practice at North Dakota State University with a clinical practice site at Sanford Imagenetics 

How are you impacting the health of your region? 

I help to implement, design, evaluate, and maintain aspects of a precision medicine program at Sanford Health. This program emphasizes a pre-emptive approach through genetic screening. Sanford territory covers multiple states across the Midwest. Through my teaching at NDSU, I am able to impact the knowledge of future health care professionals who will care for people in our region.

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