Syrina Abuarqob, MPH


I’m from Jordan. I graduated from the medical school in Jordan then did one year of internship. I did my OB/GYN residency and had my Jordanian board in OB/GYN. I did USMLE step 1, 2 and CS, so am ECFMG certified in the USA. 

NDSU Specialization 

Community Health Sciences 

How did the NDSU MPH prepare you for the workforce? 

It opened a new horizon for me, it showed me the importance of integrating medicine and public health for better health outcomes. 

Current Position 

I will be looking for a position related to maternal fetal health. 

Personal impact on the regional health

In the current Covid19 pandemic I’m taking all the precautions to protect my family and community. I advise our community to keep practicing social distancing to limit the spread of Covid19 in our community.

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