Madison Marion, MPH

COVID-19 Seroprevalence Study Project Manager
640-O Aldevron Tower

Madison Marion is the Project Manager of the COVID-19 Seroprevalence Study in the North Dakota State University Department of Public Health. She joined the NDSU Department of Public Health in 2021. Her current role includes working with partners from the University of North Dakota to study the epidemiology of COVID-19 in North Dakota and assist in the better planning and response to future epidemics or infectious disease outbreaks. She will be responsible for overall project management, coordination, and survey administration. Maddy previously worked as a COVID-19 contact tracer with the NDSU team, participated in a COVID-19 cluster investigation, and worked as a Graduate Assistant in the Center for Social Research working primarily with the Pregnancy Risk Assessment and Monitoring System (PRAMS) surveillance project. 

Madison has resided in Fargo since August 2014. During that time, she attended North Dakota State University where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology in 2018 and completed her Master of Public Health degree with a specialization in Epidemiology in 2021. During her free time Madison enjoys spending time outdoors with her significant other and their dog.

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