North Dakota Department of Health announces project to understand COVID-19 immunity and experiences in state; partners with NDSU Public Health and UND for research

photo of COVID-19 spike protein CDC

Researchers in the NDSU Department of Public Health have partnered with UND and the North Dakota Department of Health for a federally funded COVID-19 research project that will aid in understanding impacts on immunity and experiences during the pandemic.

“The Immunosurveillance and Experiences of COVID-19 in North Dakota project, which is funded by a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention grant, is a project that will help us to better understand the level of population immunity to COVID-19 virus from natural infection, vaccination, or both, and to understand the COVID-19 experiences of the citizens of North Dakota,” said North Dakota State Health Officer, Dr. Nizar Wehbi. “We are pleased to engage our two research universities on this project.”

The survey will collect information about experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic in North Dakota. This information can be used to understand how citizens experienced COVID-19, identify gaps in the system response, and inform public health response to COVID-19, or other public health emergencies in the future.

More information from the ND Department of Health is found here

Learn more about this research through the NDSU Department of Public Health website here

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