PLSC 210-Horticulture Science
Lecture Topics
Fall Semester, 2012

Textbook Chapter 
   Lecture Topic
Chapter 1
    Introduction-html, Handout-Introduction to horticulture-MS Word
Chapter 2
   Plant classification-html, Handout-MS Word, Slides #1, Slides #2All Slides, Nomenclature 
Chapter 3
   Plant Structurelecture handout-student copy, lecture handout - pdf file, slides, slides-pdf file
Chapter 4
   Growth and Metabolism html, slides, slides pdf file
Chapter 5
   Differentiation-lecture handoutSlides, Slides-pdf 
Chapter 6
   Reproduction, Slides
Chapter 7
   Soil and Growing Media, Slides
Chapter 8
   Water and Irrigation
Chapter 9
    Lights and Lighting in Horticulture, Slides
Chapter 10
   Temperature, Slides
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
   Plant Propagation, handouts, slides #1, slides #1 pdf, slides #2, slides #2 pdf, all slides, all slides pdf       
Chapter 13
   Mineral Nutrition, Lecture Slides, Student Handout
Chapter 14
   Training and Pruning, Slides #1
Chapter 15
   Plant Growth Regulation, Slides #1
Chapter 17
   Plant Breeding
Chapter 18
   Plant Protection
Chapter 19
   Horticultural Geography, Slides #1
Chapter 21
   The Horticulture Insustry
Special Topic 1
    Hydroponic Culture, Slides #1
Special Topic 2
    Horticultural Biotechnology, Slides #1