Turf Striping


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A Striped Lawn


Turf Striping is a very easy way to enhance the look of a lawn or sports field. Some people think it’s done by using different grasses, cutting at different highs, or using paint, but it’s actually very simple. Striping is achieved by leaning or “rolling” the blade of the grass either away from you or towards you.(Wightman) When the grass is leaning away from you it looks lighter, and towards you it looks darker. This is because the reflection of the lights off the surface of the blade. Adding a roller to your mower is very inexpensive and can add a professional look to your lawn.  


Fenway Park

Most all sports field managers stripe their fields and it is common to see 5 yard patterns of light and dark green in football fields, but baseball fields take it to another level.(Wightman) There have been many intricate patterns, designs, and logos mowed or brushed into baseball fields. The most well know groundskeeper for doing this type of art is David Mellor.(Antonen) He is now the groundskeeper of Fenway Park one of the most famous ballparks in America. Quite possibly his most famous design was the one he did for the Red Sox centennial season.(Antonen) (Pictured above)  While Mellor and his crew put a lot of pride into the designs  it is just a small fraction of the daily tasks they perform. (Mellor)