There are two kinds of line that can be used in a design, Static line and Dynamic line. Static lines are motionless and dynamic lines give the design interest. Either line can make the arrangement look a different according to the way the design is done. 


What adds shape to the design is form, such as the style or size it is. There are 8 different forms that can be made with flowers in a arrangement, arc, circle, oval, crescent, right angle, s curve, triangular, horizontal, or vertical. An example of form is shown in the picture at the right.

Space Space

Space it’s the area to work with in an arrangement, It were the designer does the placement of the lines throughout the arrangement. Depending on the kind of design being made there could be void space, positive space, and negative space. Void space is a simple gap in the arrangement, positive space is the whole arrangement is full with no spaces, and negative space is were a large areas is empty and has a small amount of flowers in the arrangement to give the design a different look (refer to the tulip picture above).


Texture makes the arrangement pop out at a customer. It is what makes the design look rough, or smooth to the touch depending on the flowers and materials that are used to create it. An example would be roses make and an arrangement look soft and sharp, were as hydrangea flowers make the arrangement look lacey or frilly.


When first starting to make arrangements it is helpful to use the color wheel so the flowers being used are not clashing, but so that they flow throughout and it gives harmony to the entire design. The colors being used set a mood, such as love where the designer used reds or pinks. Color is everything in an arrangement.



Scale is the height of the design. The height depends on many things such as, the container being used or what the design is being made for. For example in my picture is a tall arrangement because it’s for a funeral and its beauty needs to be seen by a large crowd of people. Scale is all about proportion.


Are flower that make focal flowers look bigger and the centre of interest. They also make a design look complete. These flowers jazz up the arrangement so it doesn’t look boring or flat.


Principles of Design

Basics of Design


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