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For backyards with limited space, consider planting containers that feature dwarf plants with interesting colors and textures.

You can plant them in small yards without fear they'll take over, falling leaves won't take you a whole weekend to sweep up, and roots won't lift up the sidewalk.

If you're looking for a focal point in a garden, some definition to a patio or deck or want to create year-round interest with several specimens, these little plants are a great option.

There are many dwarf plants to choose from such as dwarf California coast redwood, dwarf pomegranate tree, dwarf conifers, dwarf weeping Norway spruce, dwarf zinnias and dwarf black eyed susans.

Dwarf Oak

Slow Growing Plants

Two slow growing plant types that are becoming more and more popular are cacti and succulents. The reason slow growing plants are slow growing is because they only grow for a few months out of the year, they then go dormant for the rest of the months and take very little energy to maintain.

Slow growing plants are not difficult, they are resiliant and can handle just about anything, they do not take well to overwatering, however. Cacti and succulents offer a large variety of shapes, colors, and forms. They make excellent houseplants.

Succulents store water in their leaves, stems or roots and are low-water plants,they are easy to culivate and require minimal maintenance, and are easily found, your friend or neighbor probably has one that you could take a cutting from. They vary in size and have dramatic geometric shapes that add interest to gardens large and small. They also make great potted plants. Succulents' leaves and stems come in all colors and are beautiful all year long, not just when in bloom.

Jade Plant



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