The Perfect College Plant

"Spider Plant"

By Aaron Anderson

In my many years of college I have struggled very hard to make my college dormroom feel like home. Many say put up pictures of family and friends or put plants in your room. These are two great suggestion's, but there is just one problem, I'm not able to keep a plant alive for more than a week. I have gone to the store on many occasions and have purchased plants that everyone says are fool proof but have yet succeeded, until one day I purchased a Spider Plant. In this article I am going to give you a brief description of the Spider Plant, give general tips on growing and maintaining these plants, and also where you can get one of your own.

The Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum), which originated in South Africa, is one of the most popular house plant. It is a very quick growing plant that have very attractive archlng leaves. One single plants can produce many baby plants in a very small time giving the grower the ability to do many different things with it. It will grow in the sur or shade, in hot or cool rooms and doesn't mind a very dry air. This is a wonderful plant for a college student because only outright neglect will kill it. There are many benefits that come from growing a plant like this. The include: Air Purification, Low Maintenance, Attractive, and Inexpensive.

Temperature: Average warmth - minimum 45"F in winter.

Light: A well-lit spot away from direct sunlight.
Grows in MOST locations, Although its variegation
is most pronounced when the plant is near a window.
Keep away from midday sun.

Water: Water liberally from spring to autumn. Water
sparingly in winter. Water 2-3 times a week in summer
once a week in the winter. Don't water if the temp
drops below 40'F.
Spider plants are sensitive to fluoride in the water.
To help prevent browning of leaf tips and edges, water
with rainwater or distilled water.

Air Humidity: Mist leaves Daily in summer. Twice a week in the
winter if temp. is above 60'F
Feeding: Feed every 14 days in growing seasons (spring-summer)
Repotting: Repot, if necessary, in spring. The plant doesn't mind
being potbound.

Cleaning: Humidity spray is sufficient. DO NOT use leafshine.
Flowering Season: May flower at anytime, but more likely in summer.

Scent: None

Pruning: Cut out damaged leaves

Life Expectancy: The plants can grow indefinitely, but it's best to
renew stock every 3-4 years.

Propagation: Peg down plantlets(those vines, that have little plants
growing on the end of it)in compost. Cut Stem when Rooted
Alternatively divide Plants at repotting time.

You can get your own Spider Plant at any greenhouse or can buy it online. I have included various links that will give you additional tips and trouble shooting as well as places to buy this item online.

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