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Background Information

Delphiniums are beautiful, glorious flowering plants.It is their shape that makes them a great addition to any flower garden.They have long, brightly colored spikes that make them a nice flower to add in the background of a garden.Since delphiniums have been cultivated for many years, there seems to be some confusion as to what its name actually is.It is often called the larkspur, although delphiniums and larkspurs are different plants.Its name is derived from the Greek word, delphis, which refers to the dolphin shape of the flower.


Some delphiniums grow up to six feet in height, which as said before, makes them a nice addition to the background of a bed garden.They perform best in well-drained soils and full exposure to the sun.They should be fertilized in early spring since they are heavy feeders.Most delphiniums bloom from early to mid-summer.They will last about six to eight days in a vase, making them good cut flowers.Although they are excellent plants, many are short-lived perennials.

General Knowledge and Care



Light:Full Sun

Flower Color:Varies

Bloom Time:Early Summer to Early Autumn

Height:3-6 Feet

Soil:Well-composted and Well-drained


Uses:Cutting Bed, Back of Border, Beds


Interesting Facts

How to Manage Delphiniums:

The blooming times of delphiniums depends on the kind of climate in which they are being planted.Flowers will appear in spring and early summer where the temperatures are warmer, and mid to late summer where the temperatures are cooler.They need to be sheltered from wind, as they will break with their height.

Seeds can be started in pots and then transplanted at 12-15 inches when they become large enough to handle.They should be watered with enough regularity to encourage strong growth and when they grow to about 6-8 inches in height, a good fertilizer should be applied.If left down to die naturally, there may be a second season, in which case, the flowers would be just as colorful, but smaller.


Delphiniums are a truly a beautiful flower that can make not only a flower garden gorgeous, but also a cut flower arrangement or even a corsage for a formal event.Due to the ease of growth and maintenance, it would be a great flowering plant to add to your garden.



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