by Sarah Gegner

Scientific Name: Dracaena

decorative bamboo vase


In ancient Chinese culture,
giving a gift of bamboo was also giving a friend the gift of good fortune;
bamboo is symbolized as the ingredients for a happy life.






Each arrangement of bamboo has a specific number of stalks. The meanings behind each number are derived from Chinese words resembling the numbers.


five stalk arrangement For example:

Eight sounds like the Chinese word "Fah" which means to grow or thrive.
Therefore, having an arrangement of eight bamboo stalks,
will help you grow and thrive.

Other numbers:
THREE- Luck, Wealth, & Longevity
FIVE- Five branches of life from which wealth is derived
SIX- Prosperity & Favorable Conditions
SEVEN- Good Health
EIGHT- Grow & Thrive
TEN- Complete & Perfect
TWENTY-ONE - All Purpose Blessing

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decorative fisherman vase Caring for Lucky Bamboo

Caring for lucky bamboo is very simple and can be done by almost everyone.

If bamboo is placed in soil it should be watered daily. However, if stalks are just in water, make sure there is at least 1" of water in the vase at all times. Distiled water is preferred for watering, however tap water will also work.

Bamboo does not need to be placed directly in the sun. It prefers bright indirect sunlight. Which means, bamboo will thrive even in an office without windows!

Keep bamboo in temperatures ranging anywhere from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.



single bamboo stalk in vase

Give a Piece to a Friend

Lucky bamboo can be propagated. In order to increase your bamboo plants, simply:

                                              1) Break off a stem of the plant.
                                              2) Place it in water.
                                              3) Change the water every three days.
                                              4) After a few weeks the stem will start to develop roots.
                                              5) Place it in soil or a vase of water.
                                              6) Give to a friend.



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I would like to give a special thanks to Pacific Imports and Target
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