The Tulip

by Tyler Van Bruggen


Hybrid Tulips


Tulip Facts

The Tulip is grown from a bulb. Tulips like sun-partial shade. They bloom in early-late spring. There are many colors of Tulips such as yellow, red, blue, violet, white, pink, orange, green, as well as bi-colored. USDA Zones 4-10 are ideal conditions for best Tulip growth. Tulips grow well in containers and also do very well as a cut flower. They are usually very vibrant and give off a nice fragrance. The Tulip is a perennial, but since hybrid tulips bloom well only in their first growing season, many people replant them each year.


Tulip History

Tulips were first found in Turkey and Asia. Both short and long stemmed varieties were present. Holland became famous for the "Tulip" after Carolus Clusius imported it and planted it in a botanical garden at Leiden in 1594. At first, the tulip plant was so rare that it was used for trading. Almost like a form of currency. This went on until the Dutch government deemed it illegal.


Triumph Tulips

My favorite type of tulip would have to be that of the "Triumph Tulip." It is a very common hybrid and is what most people picture when they think of tulips. The Triumph Tulip is the result of hybridization between early and late flowering tulips. There are thousands of cultivars' of the Triumph Tulip. The following are just three of my favorites.

Hollandia This Triumph Tulip is called "Hollandia". It is a brilliant red color that blooms in mid spring. (My Favorite!)

Yellow Present This Triumph Tulip is called "Yellow Present". This is the most popular cut flower around Easter time. It grows on a very sturdy stem and blooms in the spring.

Apricot Beauty This triumph tulip is called "Apricot Beauty". This is also a spring blooming flower. This plant works very well planted indoors. It gives off a nice fragrance. Many gardeners prefer to have this Triumph hybrid because of it's hardiness as well as it's lovely pastel apricot color.


My Special Interest

Because of my Dutch descent, the tulip has always been of interest to me. The Dutch pride themselves in four main things; 1)Windmills, 2)being below sea level, 3) Wooden shoes, 4) TULIPS! Not only do I love the tulip because I am dutch. It is also my opinion it is also one of the most distinctive and eye catching flowers there are.

Tulips truly are an amazing plant. Their vivid colors, hardiness, and lovely fragrance leave any other flower wishing that they could only be a tulip.


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