Family Name: Asteraceae

By Sheldon Gerhardt


The Chrysanthemum is commonly known as the "mum." It is a perennial flower that blooms in the spring or fall. These flowers can come in many different shapes and colors. Chrysanthemums are mainly used as decorative bed plants and cut flowers.





Dendranthema x mortifolium Courtesy of Texas Aggie Horticultural Website


Courtesy of Texas Aggie Horticultural Website



Chrysanthemums are native to China and were first recorded as being used as a herb. It was used as a headache remedy, brewed as a drink, and eaten with salads. It was given the name chrysanthemum because of the original golden color, chrys- meaning golden and anthemon- meaning flower.


The Chrysanthemum is a generally a short-day plant, meaning that it starts to flower when days are shorter than about 13 hours. Chrysanthemums have a high medium light requirement, so they should be planted in areas that receive lots of sunlight. Shading and pinching can be used to alter bloom dates.


Aphids may be a problem with chrysanthemums. Close attention should be kept in June and July for aphids. Aphids generally occur on the underside of leaves and should be treated with a spray mix if necessary.


In about November or December after flower buds have matured or frosted, the plants should be cut back to about four inches. In particularly cold regions it may be desirable to cover plants with straw to help make it through the winter.

Other General Information:

Chrysanthemums were referred to as Dendranthema for a second genus name, but now they are merged back into the Chrysanthemum genus name. Chrysanthemums are generally about 36" in height and about 24" in width. Chrysanthemums require good drainage, so low areas with high saturation should be avoided for planting.

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