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Daffodils are beautiful flowers with endless possibilities. They are one of the first flowers to come up in the spring, and are very easy to grow. I hope this site offers a little bit of information about how you can enjoy daffodils in your own garden. Enjoy!




How to Grow Beautiful Daffodils

1. choose an area that is well-drained and sunny. Hills and raised beds are good bets. Drainage is very important. Dig at least twelve inches deep. You can improve your soil by adding compost or planting mix. Slightly acidic soil is good, so you may want to add soil sulfur.
2. Plant your daffodil bulbs so that the pointed end is at least two times as deep as the bulb is tall, about 4 inches. You don't need to be exact; they will adjust themselves.
3. Daffodils require a lot of water as they are growing. Water them right after planting and keep them moist until it rains. Continue watering about three weeks after blooming; then stop watering You may leave your daffodils in the ground for about 3-5 years. If blooming doesn't happen one spring, it might be wise to move them to a new location.

After blooming, do not cut the foliage until it turns yellow. This is the time to dig them up (late May or June). Wash the bulbs well and let them dry thoroughly (at least one week). Put them in an onion sack or pantyhose and hang them in a cool place until you are ready to plant them. A location with good air circulation will keep rotting at a minimum.











Some Questions About Daffodils


How many varieties of daffodils are there?

There are at least 25 species, and many more different forms and natural hybrids. The current Daffodil Data Bank lists over 13,000 hybrids which are divided into the twelve divisions of classification.



Do animals like to eat daffodils?

Squirrels, chipmunks, and other rodents don't like the taste of Narcissus bulbs. The bulbs and leaves contain poisonous crystals, but that may not stop redents from digging up the bulbs.

How much do daffodils cost?

Bulbs can cost from about $1.00 to $100, depending on the rareness and newness. Many high-quality bulbs can be bought for under $2.50.

Do daffodil bulbs last a long time?

Under good conditions, they can last for a very long time. Daffodils should increase while other bulbs may die out.
















I hope that this site gives you a little bit more information about daffodils. If you would like more information, pleas visit the links below.