Weeping Fig

Ficus benjamina

A great indoor plant. The Ficus benjamina is one of the largest indoor plants you will find in private residences. It is also very common in comercial buildings. They come in a wide variety as well. Some have varigated leaves while others have very dark green leaves. This is an excelent plant for interiorscapeing.


The weeping fig can get quite large, 15 feet is common for indoor environments. It should have bright indirect sunlight and have well drained soil. A common problem with the Ficus benjamina is leaf drop. This can be caused by several factors.

  1. Change in light intensity (even moving it from one room to another)
  2. Change in seasons
  3. Over-watering, or inadaquite drainage

Leaf drop caused by a change in light intensity is how the plant alters its leaves to absorb more, or less, sunlight for photosynthesis.