The Tomato Plant

By Chris Beneda


Solanum is the genus family that the tomato plant belongs to. The tomato plant is usually grown in the tropics as a perennial plant but in other areas it is mostly grown as a annual plant. The plant originated in chile and now has spread all through out the world. It is the second most widely gown plant in the world and is the number one grown garden plant. Each year Americans consume 4.3 billion pounds of of tomato's. Tomato's can be eaten raw or cooked in dishes, it is an almost daily part of an American family diet. The tomato is low in calories and a very good source of vitamin C. Each plant can produce up to 8 to 10 pounds of fruit.


The Tomato plant can grow up to 9 feet tall with soft and hairy stems. It has 5-9 leaflets and the leaves can be 4 to 24 inches long. The flowers on the tomato plant are small, yellow and have five pointed lobes on the corolla. When the actual fruit is unripe it is green and when it does ripen it is deep red with most varieties.

Growing Information

The tomato plant is a warm season plant. When growing your tomato plant you should have a temperature around 65F, air circulation and allot of sun light. Make sure your night climate does not get to cold because the tomato plant is a tender growing plant and cannot with stand a freeze. The best soil for growing a tomato plant is deep loamy soil that is well drained. The soil should be high in organic matter and nutrients. Tomato plants respond best to phosphorus fertilizers and to much nitrogen fertilizers can result in vigorous vine growth but very little fruit.



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