Bermuda Grass

Bermudagrass is one of the most sun loving warm season lawn and pasture grasses.  Bermuda can be easily planted from grass seed and provides a good "medium plus" turfgrass lawn in Southern areas. Bermuda turf requires a moderate amount of lawn grass care, maintenance and mowing.

This perennial grass grows in tropical, sub-tropical and the transition zones. Found extensively on lawns, golf courses, sports fields and arenas, reclamation areas, parks, coastal areas and pastures. Bermudagrass is also a major turf species for sports fields, parks, golf courses, and general utility turfs. It is found in over 100 countries throughout the tropical and subtropical areas of the world.

Common Bermudagrass, C. dactylon, naturalized throughout the warmer regions of the United States, was introduced into this country during the colonial period from Africa or India. The earliest introductions are not recorded, but Bermudagrass is listed as one of the principal grasses in the Southern States in Mease's Geological Account of the United States published in 1807.

Newer, more "cold tolerant" varieties extend Bermudas planting area further North allowing a choice of a more drought resistant species in the transition zone. Examples of these are Yukon, Mohawk and Rivera.


BERMUDA GRASS is considered the "South's Grass", a favorite in texture and color for all areas of usage.


Bermudagrass produces a vigorous, medium green, dense turf that is well adapted to most soils and climates found in the Warm Climates. Bermudagrass has excellent wear, drought, and salt tolerance. It establishes rapidly and is able to outcompete most weed species. Bermuda lawn grass seed varieties provide home owners with a exceptional fine textured home lawn.


Bad summer Burmuda


Planting:seed, sod, plugs, or sprigs

Pests: dead spot, mole crickets, dollar spot

Aeration: may be aerated any time during the growing season as long as the lawn is not experiencing a drought.Aeration is not recommended after the lawn has gone dormant


  1. Golf Courses
  2. Parks
  3. Baseball fields
  4. Football fields