Hens and Chicks

By: Hannah Barrett
Plant Sciences 211L, 2011NDSU


hens and chicks in bootsPlanting Instructions

Hens and chicks are a perennial plant which means that it will usually grow back year after year unless they flower.  Then they will die, but they have left behind their offspring.  This means that you have to have a space for these plants that they can occupy as they will continue to prosper as long as you take care of them correctly. 

Some important things to take into consideration are the soil, climate, and the area you would like these plants to occupy.  These plants do not require good soil.  In fact these plants prefer poor soil conditions that involve a sandy layer of soil.  This soil has to be well drained and sand is perfect for that.  These plants also require certain climate requirements.  These plants need full sun to produce correctly and they can grow in zones that range from 3-11.  They are very versatile plants.  They can also be grown in rock gardens and used for bedding plants.  Generally these plants are quite easy to grow and are perfect for any beginning gardener because even if you do accidentally kill one, usually that rosette has produced another rosette to take its place. 

hens in chicks in a waterfall pattern