By Frank Tim Eklund

History and Origin

Snapdragons are native to the Mediterranean and are a favorite old variety that your grandma’s grandma.The name comes from the scary face of the individual buds when they are pinched opening the “dragons jaws”.Children love to play with them to squeeze the flowers to see the jaws open.The newer varieties have exchanged their jaws with open blossoms.The flowers are purple red orange pink yellow and white or bi colored.

Size and Light

This varies from the being 7 inches to a foot to the cutting types that reach 3 feet tall.The snapdragons prefer full sun or partial shade.

Plant Requirements: Planting and Propagation

Plants can be planted two to three weeks before the frost date and will grow in full sun to partial shade and spaced six to 12 inches apart with the taller species. You use average to rich well drained soil with moderate moisture. You propagate by sowing the seeds at 55 to 75 degrees inside and uncover it six to eight weeks before the late frost.If all else fails you could buy nursery transplants. The snapdragon loves cool weather and can be used in front to mid border gardens and cut flowers The special care of these flowers is rather quite simple you remove the dead flowers and in Mid summers cut the snaps back to about 6 inches tall.By doing this it will produce new growth and blooms making great for flower arrangements.


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