PLSC 422: Greenhouse Production and Management
Spring Semester, 2008

Lab Schedule 

Lab No.
Lab Exercise
 1  Jan 10  General introduction and greenhouse tour
 (Control systems, general information) 
 Hort Greenhouse 
 2  Jan 17  Greenhouse design and structure
 (Plant carnations, chrysanthemums) 
 Hort Greenhouse 
 3  Jan 24  Greenhouse benches, containers
 (Plant tulips, hyacinths) 
 Hort Greenhouse 
 4   Jan 31  Commercial greenhouse operation
 (Guest lecture) 
 Hort Greenhouse 
 5   Feb 7
 Greenhouse covers, light measurements
 (Geraniums and begonias) 
 Hort Greenhouse 
 6   Feb 14
 Greenhouse heating calculations
 (Roses, other cutflowers) 
 Hort Greenhouse 
 7   Feb 21
 Tour of local greenhouses
 (Shotwell Floral, Baker Nursery) 
 (Meet at Hort Greenhouse)
 8   Feb 28  Greenhouse cooling calculations
 (Bedding plants) 
 Hort Greenhouse 
 9   Mar 6   Spring break
 (No class)
 Hort Greenhouse 
 10   Mar 13  Hydroponic cultures    
 (Lettuce, tomato, herbs)

 11   Mar 20  Tour of local greenhouses
 (Shyenne Greenhouse, Others) 
 (Meet at Hort Greenhouse)
 12   Mar 27  Growing media characterization
 (All crops) 
 Hort Greenhouse 
 13   Apr  3
 Tour of regional greenhouses
 (All day field trip) 
 Park Rapids, Detroit Lakes 
 14   Apr 10  Fertilizer calculations
 (Bedding plant transplanting) 
 Hort Greenhouse 
 15   Apr 17
 Soil testing, pH, salinity measurements
 (Misc. crops) 
 Hort Greenhouse 
 16   Apr 24  Free lab
 (Misc. crops) 
 Hort Greenhouse 
 17   May 1
 No lab exercise
  Help Hort Club plant sale
 Hort Greenhouse, Loftsgard Hall 

                                This lab schedule is subject to change.