PLSC 498: Horticulture Seminar
Department of Plant Sciences
Spring Semester, 2000

Instructor: Dr. Chiwon W. Lee (Loftsgard Hall 266F, tel. 231-8062) 
Class Hours: 4:00-4:50 p.m. Monday 
Place: Room 102, Loftsgard Hall 
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This class is required for all students majoring in Horticulture during their senior year. Other students majoring in Plant Protection or minoring in Horticulture are also encouraged to take this class.


The objective of this course is to get experience in the organization and delivery of a seminar on selected horticultural topics. Emphasis is placed on review of literature, writing an abstract, organization of speech, preparation of slides and transparencies, effective delivery of speech, and answering questions from the audience. In addition, all students are required to prepare a resume for review and future use.


Students can pick any topic of their interest. These topics may vary with student's interest and experience. Many students select a topic from their previous involvement in internships and field experience. Students should consult with the their academic advisors or the instructor for deciding a seminar topic as early as possible.


A regular grade will be given. Grading will largely be dependent on the evaluations turned in by students and other attendees of the seminar. The seminar evaluation sheet covers five categories: topic and organization, presentation, visual aids, knowledge of subject, and overall assessment.


Students who need assistance in preparation of seminar materials should see their advisors or the course instructor for help. Transparencies for overhead projection and other supplies may be obtained from Louise in the main office. Those who need to prepare slides should see the instructor for checking out a camera and, a copying stand, other photographing equipments..