ITS Standard Computer Request Form

Please note that while ITS facilitates these requests, the actual orders will be placed through the NDSU Bookstore.
Your department will receive an IDB from the Bookstore for the amount.
Prices are subject to change.

For computer specifications, please visit the ITS Preferred Hardware Page


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HP EliteDesk 800 G2 i5 Desktop for $675

Number of desktops requested


Desktop Options

$123 - i7 Processor


$79 - 16 GB RAM (Total)


(-$96) - 1TB 7200rpm HDD (Total)


$42 - NVIDIA GT730


$25 - Wireless keyboard and Mouse




HP EliteBook 850 i5 for $1,077

Number of laptops requested HP EliteBook 850 i5 for $1,077

Number of laptops requested


Laptop Options

$55 - i7 Processor

$105 - Upgrade to 16GB RAM

$97 - HP UltraSlim Dock (dual video out)

$19 - Basic Carry Case

$17 - Value Nylon Case

$25 - Stylish USB Keyboard/Mouse

$36 - 15.6" 1920x1080 Display

$176 - 256GB SSD HDD

$156 - 4th Year Warranty




Common Options

I DO NOT want a monitor

$19 - I want to run Dual Monitors from my laptop (Cables needed)

$6 - I want to run Dual Monitors from my Desktop (Cables needed)

$145 - 21.5 inch

Add additional 21.5 inch (+$145)

$243 - 24 inch (F0W81AA)

Add additional 24 inch (+$243)

$285 - 27 inch (D7Z72AA)

Add additional 27 inch (+$285)

$17 - Speaker Bar



Submit Request

Please note that this page is a REQUEST ONLY and does not indicate a final order has been placed. Once submitted, someone will contact you shortly to finalize the request and assist with any questions you may have.

If you have any questions, please contact Jim Sellner at 231-6231 or by e-mail at

Prices are known to vary slightly