About Denise

Denise has 35 years of experience in the field of education. A former elementary teacher and principal, she currently works as an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND.

Her current research agenda is interviewing American Indian Boarding School survivors. Other research interests include Native female leadership and Japanese Internment camps located on reservations during WWII.

Denise is President of the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition (N-NABS-HC).

As a Birch Bark Biting artist, Denise's work can currently be found at Red Door Gallery in Wahpeton, ND, and the Tweed Museum, Duluth, MN. Her work traveled throughout Minnesota as part of Mni Sota Reflections of Time and Place.

Current goals include completion of her second book of poems, finish a current academic book manuscript and to make promotion to Associate Professor at NDSU, and pow wow more.

Other important info

Assistant Professor, NDSU
August 2006–Present
Professor of Master's students in Educational Leadership program.
Principal, Turtle Mountain Elementary Sch.
1999– 2003 (4 years)
Instructor, Turtle Mountain Middle School
August 1988– June 1999
Turtle Mountain Reservation, Belcourt, ND
Denise worked as a 6th grade teacher.
Teacher, Edwin Loe Elementary School
August 1980– June 1988
New Town, ND
Elementary Instructor, grades 3 & 4.

Denise Lajimodiere

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Birch Bark Biting Exhibit
Spirit Room Gallery
June 28 - Aug 15
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