Software Licensing Order Form

If you have any questions call 231-8685 option #4 or e-mail

This form should be completed for the following:
1. Order new software.
2. Computer setup.
3. Reinstall existing computer. When reinstalling a machine the hard drive is formatted so a CLEAN install of the operating system can be performed.

Please select from the following:

Your current computer just needs new software installed.
Your computer needs the operating system and applications setup for the first time.
Your current computer needs the operating system reinstalled or upgraded, and your applications reinstalled. The hard drive will be reformatted, deleting all information. Make sure to back up any important data.
Do you currently have any ITS licensed software that has already been
purchased and will need to be reinstalled along with this setup?

Software Contact information:

* required fields
Software Contact:* Dept Name:*
Phone:* Building:*
Email:* Room:*
If setting up a new computer or reinstalling an existing one, please enter the computer inventory number and current operating system.
New Computer Inventory #: Operating System

Funding Information:

Please fill out the funding information for this order.
Orders can be split between funds by entering the percent to be charged to each fund.
Account #, Fund #, and Dept # are required.

Account #*Fund #*Dept #*Program #Project #Percentage
Total Percentage:

If the main user of the software is different than the software contact, enter the user information here.

Name: Dept Name:
Phone: Building:
Email: Room:
This email address is only used if the SoftwareContact cannot be reached.

Reinstall Section:

If you need software reinstalled on a computer, please list the current software information here.
If listing multiple titles/names/dates, please seperate them with a comma.

If you need multiple computers reinstalled, please leave this section blank and make a note in the comments section at the bottom of the page. ITS will communicate with the software contact to gather the necessary information.

Software Titles/Version/Edition:(ex. 'Microsoft Office 07, Adobe Acrobat X Pro' etc.)

Name on Original Orders:

Date of Original Orders: (ex. '2/5/10, 11/23/11')

ITS will communicate with the customer regarding their files and data that need to moved. Please use the Questions/Comments section at the end of the form for special requests.

New License Purchase Section:

Please be sure to verify that your computer meets the minimum requirements of your chosen product

Name of Software Who is license for? Inventory# Platform Installation Choice

Your department is responsible for maintaining an inventory of software installed on your department computers.

Prices and products subject to change without warning.
Licenses are NOT returnable and no refunds will be issued.

Questions/Comments/Special Requests: