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Who We Are

The Professional Soil Classifiers Association of North Dakota (PSCAND) is a non-profit organization established October 1972. The initial purpose of the PSCAND was to professionalize the science and art of the soil classifier. A bill (Senate Bill No. 2122), drafted by members, was introduced to and passed by the 1973 North Dakota Legislative Assembly providing for registration and licensing of Professional Soil Classifiers. Since that time, 65 Soil Classifiers have become Registered Professionals in North Dakota.

The PSCAND is dedicated to foster the profession of soil classifying and to further the increase and dissemination of information concerning all phases of soil science in order to contribute to the general human welfare. The purpose of the PSCAND is to advance the profession of soil classifying by:

There are six classes of membership in the PSCAND. You only need an interest in advancing soil science or the profession of soil classifying to join the PSCAND. Benefits of membership in the PSCAND are professional, educational and social.

Bylaws of the Professional Soil Classifiers of North Dakota. (download in PDF format)

PSCAND Leadership

The PSCAND is lead by an elected Board of Directors consisting of the president, president-elect, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer. The Board is responsible for appointments and assignments to standing and special committees. (* designates committee chair):

2013 PSCAND Board of Directors
President – Lance Loken
President-elect – Perry Sullivan
Past-president – Ray Finocchiaro
Vice-president – Brian O'Gorman
Secretary-Treasurer – Susan Samson-Liebig