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 (Picture taken in an ancient city Shaki, in Azerbaijan. )


 Hi! My name is Seljon Akhmedli. I am going to 9th grade. I like all subjects including science, math, reading and music.


 I have been playing piano since the age 4. In the past 3 years, I have been playing classical guitar as well. In school, I play the violin. My favorite piano composer is Chopin but I recently like to play more jazzy songs.


 In math, while in 7th garde, I was doing 10th grade math taking it in West Fargo High School. By the end of 8th grade I was done with all the high school material in math. Since August 2017, I am admitted to NDSU (North Dakota State University) as an early entry student. During the Fall Semester I took Calculus I, and during the Spring Semester I took Calculus II.  Got A on both courses! On Spring 2017, while in 8th grade, I became one of the winners (second place) of the NDSU Talent Search in math. This is a math competetion among high school students. The next year (Spring 2018) I participated again and earned the first place!!!  


 This spring (Spring 2018), I also have won regional olympiads in science and music (these are team competetions), and have participated in state olympiads.    


 I also have gone to gymnastics in the past 7 years. So far I have completed only the levels G1-G3, and part of PowerGym. Some of my friends/classmates are professional gymnasts, but I do it mostly to keep in shape.  Starting Spring 2018, I play soccer for my high school team Junior Varsity. We won all our games this season and became champions (among all high schools of Fargo, West Fargo and Grand Forks)!


The Books I have read so far….



 Captain Grant’s Children (9)                    Jules Verne                      

 Tom Sawyer’s Adventures (9)                   Mark Twain                     

 Charlie and Chocolate Factory (9)            Roland Dahl                     

 Headless Horseman (10)                             Maine Reid

 Alchemist (10)                                             Paulo Coelho

 Old Man and the Sea (10)                          Ernest Hemingway 

 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (10)        Conan Doyle

 To Kill a Mockingbird (11)                       Harper Lee

 The Call of the Wild (11)                           Jack London

 Metamorphosis (11)                                   Franz Kafka

 Harry Potter I (11)                                     J.K.Rowling

 No One Writes to Colonel (11)                 Garcia Marquez

 Harry Potter II (11)                                   J.K.Rowling

 The Little Prince (12)                                Antoine de Saint Exupery

 The Pearl (12)                                            John Steinbeck

 Robinson Crusoe (12)                               Daniel Defoe

 Night (12)                                                   Elie Wiesel

 The Great Gatsby (12)                              F.S.Fitzgerald

 The Boy on the Wooden Box (12)            Leon Leyson

 Short Stories (12)                                       Jalil Mammadquluzade   

 The Catcher in the Rye  (13)                    J.D.Salinger

 Short Stories (13)                                       Rumi

 Fahrenheit 451 (13)                                   Ray Bradbury

 Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (13)     Mark Twain

 Secret Garden (13)                                    Frances Hodgson Burnett        

 Stories (13)                                                 Grimm Brothers

 Of Mice and Men (14)                               John Steinbeck          

 Lamp to the Slaughter (14)                       Roland Dahl

 The Invisible Man (14)                              H.G.Wells

 Odyssey                                                      Homer                                     

 Romeo and Juliet                                      W.Shakespeare

 Ward No. 6 (14)                                        A.P.Chekhov


Book Reviews J



1. Captain Grant’s Children                                  This is the first big novel that I have read when I was 9. My dad recommended it to me because he also  

had read it when he was 9. It was his first novel  too, and it was his dad (my grandpa) who had recommended it to him. I don’t know if this was also my grandpa’s first big novel.


2. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer                        Read this book about Tom the boy who gets mischief. It’s not just about him getting away from white washing the fence. There is more to it. I mean who  would fake their own funeral?


3.The Headless Horseman                                       A mysterious famous novel that will give you chills in the inside and goosebumps on the outside!


4.The Alchemist                                                       One of my favorite novels that is adventourous and will keep you going all the time. There is no reason to take a break.


5.To Kill a Mockingbird                                          My favorite book ever! I recommended this book to my dad for almost a year and then he finally read it.J


6.The Metamorphosis                                              A beautiful and sad novel that sends out a message to people saying if you become a very ugly insect all of a sudden, and your family  wouldn’t care for you and would make you starve, would that be fair?


7.The Great Gatsby                                                 A great novel that involves a little bit of love and comedy. It displays a great lesson for readers that you don’t need to be rich to live.


8. Ward No. 6                                                          A long short story about how people suffer because of misconceptions of the society.