These photos were taken during a Math conference at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH. (Thanks to Joscha and Susanna for letting me use their photos).

An appropriate welcome to conference participants:

In Case Western, Michelson and Morley did their famous experiment.

The campus is in a neighborhood known as the Circle

The main street in the Circle is...

This building is on Euclid St:

Notice the circles in the pavement:

Even the waste bins on Euclid have math symbols:

Interesting benches on Euclid:

This statue is in a park close to Euclid. In the close-up, the word Equations can be read.

Parabolas in the park.

Little Italy is at walking distance from the Circle. We liked the name of this street.

In a street parallel to Random, we found this tea house

Now some interesting architecture. This building is on campus.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Math rocks!