"Global Climate Change"


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Time and Place: Tuesday Evenings, 6:30-9:30 pm, Van Es 101,  NDSU map

Registration: The 2-semester credit course is open to all Concordia, MSU and NDSU students. Register on your home campus.  Call Number for NDSU students is 49778

Coordinator: Allan Ashworth

                                                                                                                            by Trigbe Olsen

Purpose:North Dakotans and Minnesotans are all too aware of the consequences of the present wet cycle including overflowing lakes and flooding rivers. During the 1980's, however, the region was in a drought cycle with temperature and precipitation values similar to those of the "Dirty Thirties".  Meanwhile, recent reports indicate that the mean temperature for the Earth has risen during the last century.  Questions of whether the temperature increase is real or whether the increase has resulted from burning fossil fuels and other human activities is being hotly debated in both the scientific and public forums.  The purpose of this seminar series is to discuss global warming against a background of  natural climate change.   Climate changes of different magnitudes, some  rapid , and with different causes from the Cretaceous Period to the present day will be discussed.  Geological evidence from the region will be highlighted in several of the presentations.  The final session will be devoted to global warming. The sessions are open to the public.

Credit requirements: Letter grade will be based on:

1. Attendance and participation in each of the 8 sessions (1 credit)
2. A term paper (1 credit) on any aspect of climate change. The topic is to be selected in consultation with Allan Ashworth.  The term paper must be well-referenced and well-written and a minimum of six, one-sided type written pages in length.
3. The deadline for the term paper is Friday, April 14th.

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