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Soybean Diseases


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Soybean Viruses Not Detected In North Dakota in 2001-2002 Survey

Berlin Nelson
Plant Pathologist, NDSU

Virus diseases of soybean have in recent years become a problem in other soybean producing states in the North Central Region. Bean Pod Mottle Virus (BPMV) which is vectored by the bean leaf beetle, is a serious problem in food grade beans in other states. With the introduction of the soybean aphid there is even greater concern about virus diseases because the aphid can vector some soybean viruses such as Soybean Mosaic Virus (SMV). BPMV and SMV are the two viruses we are most concerned about in North Dakota. To benchmark the soybean virus situation in North Dakota, we conducted a survey in 2001 and 2002 for virus diseases in 13 eastern soybean producing counties. Over the two years, leaves were collected from 204 soybean fields and tested for presence of BPMV and SMV. Also, 84 of the fields from 2002 were tested for Alfalfa Mosaic Virus (AMV) and Tobacco Streak Virus TSV), two other viruses found in soybeans. In addition, food grade soybean seed was collected from 21 seed lots grown in the Red River Valley in 2001, and seed coats were tested for presence of BPMV and visually assessed for mottling.

None of the leaf samples from soybean fields were positive for any of the virus diseases. Also, none of the seed samples were positive for BPMV and there was no evidence of seed mottling. These results indicate that at present, virus diseases are not a serious problem in North Dakota. Most likely there are virus diseases here, but probably at very low levels. However, virus disease problems could appear at any time. With outbreaks of the soybean aphid occurring, we may see some viruses moving in to the state and causing damage to soybeans. Food grade soybean growers should always take note of any virus like diseases in their fields, because these viruses can not only reduce yields, but can cause serious seed quality problems due to seed mottling. They should be especially diligent in controlling the soybean aphid to reduce any potential virus infections.


Soybean viruses in general:

Soybean Mosaic Virus:

Bean Pod Mottle Virus:





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