Courses and Service

ARS 326 Modeling of Agroecosystems.

Introduction and applications of systems analysis and simulation modeling to agriculture, biology, and natural resources management. The course provides students with a good background and "hands on" experience on the uses of systems analysis and simulation modeling for problem solving in agriculture, industry, science, and management. 2 lectures, 1 two-hour lab.

ARS 452/652 Geographic Information Systems in Range Evaluation.

Analysis of methods for estimating range composition, range condition, range productivity, and wildlife populations. The course emphasizes the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and computer models. 2 lectures and 1 two hours lab (computer or field lab).

ARS 765 Analysis of Ecosystems.

Introduction to advance statistical techniques to evaluate plant communities, plant-animal interactions, and plant-soil relationships. Emphasis on multivariate analysis. 2 lectures, 1 two-hour lab.
  1. Tri-College Center for Environmental Studies (ND and MN)
  2. University Senate.
  3. North Dakota EPSCoR Steering Committee.
  4. Natural Resources Management Undergraduate Program Committee.
  5. Chairman of the Department of Animal and Range Sciences Graduate Studies Committee
  6. Member of the NDSU Graduate Council
  7. Scientific Advisor to the US-Canada Garrison Diversion - Biota Transfer Project
  8. Co-Chairman of Governor Sinner's Task Force on Global Change (1991).
  9. Technical Committee for the North Dakota Water Resources Research Institute.
  10. ASEND-EPSCoR Biotic Resources Research Cluster (NDSU Campus).
  11. USDA-NCT-171 Technical Committee on Systems Analysis in Animal Agriculture Research.
  12. North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station Project Review Committee.
  13. ASEND-EPSCoR EPA Program (PI).
  14. College of Agriculture Research Awards Committee.
  15. University Review Team for the Department of Plant Sciences.
  16. University Review Team for the Department of Plant Pathology.
  17. College of Agriculture GIS Committee.
  18. College of Agriculture Representative to the University Computer Policy Committee.
  19. NDSU Software Committee.
  20. NDSU Information Technology Long Term Planning Committee.
  21. College of Agriculture Mission committee.
  22. Chairman of NDSU Networking Committee.
  23. Chairman of the Department of Animal and Range Sciences Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation Committee.
  24. College of Agriculture Promotion, Tenure, and Evaluation Committee.
  25. NDSU Research Infrastructure Advisory Group.
  26. Chairman of the NDSU committee in High Performance Computing.
  27. Search committee for Chair of the Department of Animal and Range Sciences (3 times).
  28. Search Committee for Director of Information Technology Services at NDSU.
  29. Search Committee Chair for a Software Engineering position at the NDSU Center for High Performance Computing.
  30. Center for High Performance Computing Advisory Council.
  31. Associate Editor, Rangeland Ecology and Management
  32. Reviewer for:
    • Journals
    1. Journal of Range Management/Rangeland Ecology and Management.
    2. American Journal of Botany.
    3. American Midland Naturalist.
    4. Weed Technology.
    5. Vegetatio.
    6. Journal of Vegetation Science.
    7. Ecology.
    8. Prairie Naturalist.
    9. Ecological Applications.
    10. Oecologia.
    11. Ecosystems.
    12. Plant Ecology.
    13. Great Plains Naturalist.
    14. The American Naturalist.
    15. Soil Science Society of America Journal.
    16. Journal of Applied Ecology.
    17. Journal of Ecology.
    18. Austral Ecology
    19. Paleo
    20. Restoration Ecology
    21. Alces
    22. Journal of Arid Environments
    23. Global Change Biology
    24. Environmental Management Review
    25. Journal of Animal Science
    26. Diversity and Distribution
    27. Functional Ecology
    28. Weed Research
    29. Wetlands
    30. Journal of Theoretical Biology
    31. PLoS Computational Biology
    32. Agricultural Water Management
    • Granting Agencies
    1. Panel Review Member: USDA National Research Initiative--Ecosystems program.
    2. Panel Review Member: National Science Foundation-Ecosystems Science program.
    3. USDA Small Business program.
    4. USDA National Research Initiative program.
    5. NSF International Programs in Ecology.
    6. USDA Rangeland Resources Program.
    7. USDA-Forest Service Global Climate Change Program.
    8. NSF-Ecosystems Research Program.
    9. NSF New Faculty Enhancement Grants.
    10. NSF Environmental Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry Program.
    11. NSF Ecology Program.
    12. NSF-Biocomplexity Program
    13. Natural Environmental Research Council (UK)
    14. The Biodiversity Grants Program (Canada)