Personal Data

  1. Semi-arid Ecosystem Development as a Function of Resource Processing and Allocation. DOE Grant: DE-AS02-76EV040128. Co-PI, 1984-1987. $770,000.

  2. Carbon and Nitrogen Allocation and Utilization in a Crested Wheatgrass and Native Shortgrass Ecosystem. National Science Foundation Grant: BSR-8405604. Co-PI, 1984-1986. $250,000.

  3. Grazing-Nitrogen Cycle Interactions in Grassland Ecosystems. NSF-EPSCoR Program. Principal Investigator. 1987-1990. $60,000.

  4. The Biogeochemistry of Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulfur Transformations in a Seasonal and a Semipermanent Wetland. Department of Interior: 14-08-0001-G1581. Principal Investigator. 1990-1992. $50,000.

  5. Grassland Patchiness and the Scaling of Soil Nitrogen. USDA-NRICGP-93-0051. Principal Investigator. 1993-1998. $135,000.

  6. Relationships Between Landscape Patterns, Ecological Processes, and Biological Diversity in Native Great Plains Grasslands. The Nature Conservancy/Mellon Foundation Ecosystem Research Program. Principal Investigator. 1994-1997. $285,000.

  7. Advancing Science Excellence in North Dakota- Environmental Program. P.Boudjouk (Director) and M. Biondini (PI). 1994-1996. EPA-EPSCoR Program. $384,000.

  8. Plant Competition and the Scaling of soil Resources. Principal Investigator. 1996-2000. National Science Foundation DEB-9627928. $185,757.

  9. Internet2/UCAID. Co-PI. 1998. National Science Foundation-EPSCoR Program. $300,000.

  10. Plant Diversity, Production, and Stability in Grassland Ecosystems. Principal Investigator. USDA-NRICGP-9900979. 1999-2004. $279,500.

  11. Patch Dynamics Processes and the Restoration of Prairie Landscapes. TNC/Mellon Foundation Ecosystem Research Program. 2000-2006. C0-PI. $104,616.

  12. Effects of Fire on Grazed Prairie Grasslands. Co-PI. Forest Service Agreement 04-PA-11011800-031. 2004-2006. $95,925.

  13. Multifunctional Biomass Production for Ethanol from High Diversity CRP Grasslands. Principal Investigator. USDA-NRICGP-2008-00717. 2008-2011. $399,720.