Taking poetry out of the classroom . . . and onto the streets

Former NDSU Head of English Dale Sullivan and AHSS Dean Tom Riley were talking one day. Wouldn't it be nice to read something besides flyers and ads on the daily bus commute? Riding back and forth from Minard Hall to the downtown campus, or from Minard Hall to the Research Technology Park, wouldn't it be great to read something, say, like a poem?

Wouldn't it be nice to get poetry out of the classroom and onto the streets—literally?

Poetry on Wheels was born.

Supported and made possible by employees of MAT—the Metro Area Transit system for Fargo/Moorhead and the Tri-College—Poetry on Wheels brings work by students, faculty, community and established poets to commuters throughout the city. It is an ongoing and evolving project which welcomes your imput.

To recommend poems, offer suggestions for the project, or simply find out more, please contact:




We seek poems from students, faculty, and staff at NDSU which are especially suited to the daily commuter, the my-car's-in-the-shop-occasional-rider, the student on her way to class, the citizen on his way to work, the shopper, the loafer, the teacher-headed-home-with-a-stack-of-papers-to-grade. Poems short enough to appear in visible, large font. Poems suited to the meditative interval, the hop between stops, and the long meandering route to the mall.

Poems about sore feet and motion sickness.

Poems about dailiness and journeys.

If you have some good suggestions—poems you've run across which would find a nice home on the buses—we would be most grateful to hear them. Likewise, if you have an original poem which you would like to "publish" on the buses, we are interested in taking a look at your work. There are no restrictions as to style or form, though we do ask that content be suitable to a very broad readership, and absolutely no obscene, offensive, or distasteful material. We also prefer poems with surprising, fresh language, insight, and feeling—no vague, trite, sentimental, or "greeting card" verse. Poems no longer than about 40 lines are best (counting spaces).

Poems about the desire to arrive...


the longing to depart...


and just going.

To SUBMIT POEMS, please send your work to one of the following:


Poems must typed, single-spaced, with your name and address on each page. Format the material as a Word document and attach it to your email message. (Do not type the poem into the body of your message itself.)

You may alternately send a hardcopy to: Cindy Nichols, Dept. of English, Minard Hall 320, Albrecht Blvd., Fargo, ND 58105. Include an SASE for reply. Submitted work cannot be returned.