Cadence University Program Member

North Dakota State University


The ECE Department acknowledges the generous support of Cadence Design Systems through their university program.

Cadence Tutorials:

Research Projects:

    Energy Harvesting

    Doppler Pulse Flow meter

    High-Speed FPGA

    High-Q Inductor Analysis, Modeling and Simulation.


ECE 721 Introduction to CMOS circuit. circuit characterization and performance estimation, CMOS circuit and logic design, CMOS testing.

Important Setting of Cadence:







In order to run Cadence on Fedora, following settings have to be set asimenv.startup cds_ade_wftool string "awd" (This will enable the AWD window instead of wavescan) file of the bicmos7HP has to be modified to support IC5.1 (only 5.0 was supported)

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