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Dr. Dinesh R. Katti

FARGO, ND 58105, USA

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A success story. Successful construction and long term operation (15-30 years) of canals, roads, bridges and other structures in deep expansive soil deposits using cohesive non-swelling soil layer technology (CNS) developed by Dr. R. K. Katti in India. ( My contribution was in the area of lateral pressure development and particulate based modeling with and without CNS)

A 3 minute quicktime movie of Malaprabha Canal(India)

(You will need quicktime plugin from Be patient, it takes time to load. Not recommended for telephone modem connections)

American Society of Civil Engineers

Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century

How Stuff Works

How Things Work

Super Bridge NOVA  

A fun and learning site: Build bridges and find resources and links to information on bridges  

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