Dylan Heuer

Office: 408E30
Email: dylan.k.heuer@ndsu.edu
Office Hours: Mon. 10:00-10:50, 1:00-1:50; Tues. 1:00-1:50; Wed. 10:00-10:50; Thurs. 11:00-11:50

About Me

Welcome to my website. I am Dylan Heuer, a graduate student in the Mathematics Department at North Dakota State University. I am currently in my 6th year and pursuing a Ph.D. My area of research is Combinatorics, and my advisor is Jessica Striker.

Outside of Mathematics, my interests are numerous. I enjoy playing basketball, golf, disc golf, music (piano, guitar, and vocals), Magic: The Gathering, and various video games (including League of Legends, Fortnite, and Pokémon Go). I also like to hike, bike, and fish.


Papers and Preprints